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Price Tk. 14500 - Tk. 54000

Portable Keyboards

YAMAHA NP-12 B Portable Keyboard
Tk. 34,500

61 touch sensitive piano-style keys are the perfect introduction to the feel of piano playingThe con..

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Yamaha PSR EW 425 Portable Keyboard
Tk. 54,000

The PSR-EW425 delivers the same pro-quality sound found in high-end models. They’re loaded with augm..

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YAMAHA PSR-E273 Portable Keyboard
Tk. 22,500

61-key, entry-level Portable Keyboard featuring a wide variety of sounds and functions the PSR-E273 ..

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YAMAHA PSR-E360 Portable Keyboard
Tk. 26,500

Designed to enhance your living space, this 61-key portable keyboard features an expressive touch-se..

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YAMAHA PSR-E373 Portable Keyboard
Tk. 30,500

Equipped with a touch-sensitive keyboard and an all-new tone generator that delivers an amazing arra..

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YAMAHA PSR-E473 Portable Keyboard
Tk. 45,300

The touch-sensitive keyboard and powerful sound engine of the PSR-E473 bring together superb sound ..

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YAMAHA PSR-EW300 Portable Keyboard
Tk. 35,000

The evolution of the legendary YPG-235. 76 touch-sensitive keys, and versatile features take you to ..

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YAMAHA PSR-EW310 Portable Keyboard
Tk. 41,000

The PSR-EW310 features a newly developed tone generator that delivers stunning improvements in sound..

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YAMAHA PSR-EW410 Portable Keyboard
Tk. 45,000

PSR-EW410 is the best 76-note keyboard for performing various styles of music, from the latest to vi..

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Yamaha PSR-F51 Portable Keyboard
Tk. 16,000

PSR-F51 was basic functionality that is both straightforward and user-friendly. As a result, we have..

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YAMAHA PSR-F52 Portable Keyboard
Tk. 17,800

The PSR-F52 is the perfect keyboard for people who want to learn to play. It has all the features yo..

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YAMAHA PSR-I400 Portable Keyboard
Tk. 43,000

Featuring a comprehensive collection of onboard Indian instruments (Voices) and an auto accompanimen..

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YAMAHA PSR-I500 Portable Keyboard
Tk. 50,000

The PSR-I500 is the ideal portable keyboard for Indian music lovers. A vast collection of onboard In..

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YAMAHA PSS-A50 Portable Keyboard
Tk. 14,500

This keyboard is inherited from the Yamaha Reface Series. It is highly regarded by professionals for..

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